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I Heart Stair Workouts!

                         AMAZING CARDIO WORKOUT:  If you think you cannot run Greenlake one more time or you might lose your mind, here is a GREAT alternative workout that will likely actually burn MORE calories (more is better, right?!)  Find a set of stairs (see suggestions below), run up the stairs and jog down to get a little recovery.  Every 5 or so minutes stop at the top of the stairs and get in alternative fun: pushups, walking lunges, crunches.  Here’s a breakdown of the workout:

1.  Warm Up: Light run or brisk walk for 5 minutes to get your blood flowing.  This will prevent your legs from immediately turning to lead when you hit the stairs.

2. Run stairs 5 minutes.  On this first round, take the first couple minutes easy to let yourself warm into it.

2. PUSHUPS at the top of the stairs x 15.  Start on your toes, drop to your knees if you can’t get to 15 on your toes.

4. WALKING LUNGES at the top of the stairs x 20.  Feel free to lunge down the street.  Passersby will think you’re tough.

5. Find a safe place to lie down near the top of the stairs.  Lie down for 1 minutes of CRUNCHES.  Time this – 1 minutes is longer than you think! 

3.  Hit the stairs for 5 minutes.  You’re all warmed up now – PICK IT UP!

4. Repeat PUSHUPS x 15/LUNGES x 20/CRUNCHES x :60

6.  Back to the stairs for 5 minutes – FASTER – FEEL THE BURN!

7. Repeat PUSHUPS x 15/LUNGES x 20/CRUNCHES x :60

8. Final hurrah – stairs for 5 minutes!

9. Cooldown – light jog or walk for 5 minutes.

This should take you under 40 minutes but it will feel WAY faster than running Greenlake or sweating it out on the elliptical at the gym. 

WARNING: Music is a MUST when running stairs. Don’t forget your headphones and feel free to sing out loud.  People will be jealous that you love your workout so much! 🙂


Check out this article that gives great descriptions of different stairs in Seattle – including Capital Hill, Queen Anne, West Seattle:

And don’t forget my favorite stairs in Seattle: Golden Gardens in Ballard.  You can find your Sync Fitness trainer on these stairs year ’round.  You can park at the top at Cafe Fiorre at the end of 85th.  This allows you to start going down the stairs, which is a nice little warm up.  You can stick to one section of stairs and do repeats or you can haul yourself all the way down to the water and back to the top over and over again!!

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