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OH. MY. GOSH.   

I spent the weekend at a bootcamp conference.  Yes – two whole days of learning the latest and greatest about running bootcamps and similar classes.  SO MUCH FUN!  Needless to say, my body is sore all over after trying out tons of new drills and techniques.  The best part was we got to play with so many toys: kettle bells, agility ladders, medicine balls, dinosaur eggs, foam rollers, swiss balls, slosh bars and slosh balls….  My mind is reeling with excitement!

And how will this benefit you, you ask??  I will be using bringing all the fun to you in my current Resolutionaries Class in Wallingford, my next indoor circuit class (in Wallingford or Magnolia) and then this Spring in a GREENLAKE OUTDOOR BOOTCAMP!  So, if you’re up for some fun, contact me about checking out one of my current classes or let me know you want to be added to my email roster to be invited to future classes. 

Watch out Seattle – Sara Dean is ready to kick your booty!

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