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The New Year is here and with it comes tons of people swearing that this will be the year they get in better shape.  If you’re among those people making a promise to yourself, you must come check out my new Tues/Thurs evening class – Resolutionaries 2009.  The first class was last night and it was a great success.  Class is set up in a circuit format, where you’re rotating exercises and sweating and laughing and singing between stations.  We’re meeting at the Fitness Lab in Wallingford until February 12 – you HAVE to come join in the fun!

Beware – I’m going to an entire conference on BOOTCAMPS this weekend.  I’m sure to get TONS of super fun/hard/make-ya-wanna-lose-your-lunch ideas!  I can’t wait to share them in class next Tuesday!

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Bring it on Sara. Can’t wait.

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