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Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon 2009!

This year is the first annual Seattle Rock ‘n Roll Marathon and Half Marathon.  The big day is June 27, 2009.  This will become the new Seafair Marathon.  Rock ‘n Roll Marathons are all over the country.  They are known for being high energy, fun and GREAT for first timers.  So if you’ve been thinking about running a marathon in Seattle – this might be the one for you.  If you’re not up for 26.2 miles, cut it in half and do the half marathon, a mere 13.1 miles.  If you’ve never done either distance, this is a great opportunity to take the bull my the horns.  With band performances every mile, the miles are bound to whiz by and you’ll be crossing that finish line before you know it.  Check out the website for more info:

If you’re looking for some guidance, give me a shout!  I LOVE helping people prepare for marathons and half marathons.  I have helped runners prepare for events all over Seattle by creating running programs specific to their current fitness goals.  Having a personal trainer guide you on this journey takes out SO much of the guess work.  With this event 6 months away, you have enough time to take on either race distance.  Let’s get your program started today!

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