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Where to RUN in Seattle…

If you’re anything like me, you run the same routes over and over and OVER.  You also probably are more likely to pick and “out and back” route than a loop where you’re unsure of the distance and time it will take.  It gets really old, huh?!  So you have to check out  This allows you to map out runs anywhere, giving you exact distances and route details.  You can create running routes ALL OVER Seattle.  You never have to do the same run twice again!  There are a bunch of Seattle runs already mapped out at:  Now you can even run in a different part of town everyday. Ok – get off your duff and go for a run now!

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#1 - nathan seney Says:


The new site’s great!

Have you seen Trailguru? They’ve got an iPhone app that tracks your route and gives you time and speed data. It works with other GPS equipment too, I think.

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