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Who wants to be a TRIATHLETE?

Wouldn’t you love to add triathlete to the end of your name?  It looks good – check it out: Sara Dean, Triathlete.  Pretty, huh?!

If you’ve never done a triathlon and think you maybe, kinda, sorta, might want to try one, we MUST talk!  I won’t try to talk you into anything you don’t want to do, promise!  I would love to sit down and talk to you about options, though. There are some GREAT triathlons right here in the Seattle area.  I’ve done most of them and I know something about all of them.  I love to sit down with first timers to pick out which race might be best for you. 

Then there’s the training…  If you’ve never done a tri (that’s what you get to call them after you’ve done one, fun, right?!) now is the time to get started with the training.  That doesn’t mean training has to be crazy intense just yet, but you want to start getting swimming, biking and running into your weekly workout schedule.  I can help you put together a triathlon training program that will detail all your workouts between now and race day. 

Ready to go TRIATHLETE-TO-BE ?!

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