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Clarification: There is no such thing as a “mini” triathlon

I feel the need to stand up for anyone who chooses to take on any triathlon, regardless of the length.  I have heard folks referring to “mini” triathlons lately.  I assume they are referencing a sprint distance triathlon.  This distance typically includes a 1/2 mile swim, a 12 mile bike and a 3 mile run.  There is nothing “mini” about this.  Granted, it is the about the shortest version of a triathlon you’re likely to find around Seattle (with the exception for the Mercer Island Escape From the Rock Triathlon, which is slightly shorter.)  But racing any triathlon distance physically and mentally DRAINING!  If you’ve done any longer length tri’s, you know the short ones can really get you, as you feel the need to actually sprint each of the legs since they are not so long.  Again – this is NOT a “mini” feat! 

So, in honor of every sprint distance triathlete who swims over and under hundreds of flailing arms and legs, runs on sea legs to their bike, pedals until their legs are numb and then runs 3 miles on legs that feel something like drunken jello, let us all recognize these efforts are HUGE and not for the faint of heart or head. 

So you do not get your head bitten off in the future by a triathlete much meaner than me, please note the correct term for a “mini” distance triathlon is a sprint triathlon.  Also note that anyone who completes a sprint triathlon is a badass 🙂 .

Ok, stepping off my soapbox now 🙂 !

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