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February is here…How’s that New Year’s Resolution coming?

So, we’re already a month into 2009.  Can you believe it?!  Now is the time of year I hear people say things like, “I was really good for the first half of January, but I’ve fallen off the workout wagon” or “I really meant to start working out in January, but I lost track of time and haven’t started yet”.  So…

THERE’S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!  Let’s get you started now.  Today.  Shorts and bathing suits are just around the corner.  How many summers have you spent lamenting the fact that you didn’t get your workout on all winter and then you had to join pasty, white Seattlites in shorts that are a little snug and a bathing suit that will only exist under a sundress.  If you start making small changes in exercise and diet now, you’ll be feeling 100% better by summer.  It’s so much better to take small steps over the course of a few months than trying to take a giant, impossible leap over the course of a week or two.  We’ve all tried to workout REALLY hard and eat REALLY well the week before a tropical vacation, right?!  Really – what does a week do for you- not much!  Again, THERE’S NO TIME LIKE THE PRESENT!

I am here to help.  I can’t make Seattle less pasty and white, but I CAN make Seattle a little leaner, a little stronger, a little tighter and more toned.

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