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Show Off Your Sassy, Sexy Self!

I’m always talking about how empowering working out can be.  So, here’s the next step in self empowerment: a boudoir photo shoot.  YOU WILL LOVE IT!  My friend Phil Holden is a boudoir photographer who works with a team of lovely ladies to make boudoir photography an experience you’ll cherish.  Phil and his team are utterly professional and will make you feel completely at ease as you get glamorous for your shoot.  Let him showcase your best ass-ets (pun intended) and turn your muscles into art.  Phil does an amazing job of showcasing what you like and hiding what you don’t.  This is such a great way to take your hard earned body out of the gym and show off your accomplishments.  Phil’s photography is exceptional.  Additionally, he enlists the help of hair and make up artist Jen Mobley of PinUp Salon to get you camera ready.  Jen’s work is as fantastic as Phil’s.  They are quite a dynamic duo!

Check out Phil’s boudoir website at:  On the home page is video of what you can expect during your shoot.  You can see this is bound to be a super fun experience! 

 You’ll see that Phil works with women of all shapes and sizes.  So don’t be shy!  Let Phil work his magic.  Many of his clients do a boudoir photo shoot as a gift to their significant other or before their wedding.  But, there are also women who do a boudoir photo shoot for themselves – as they should!  So, get on it girlfriend, if you’ve been working with me, you’ve earned it.   Take it off and show it off!

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