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Sync Fitness 30/80 Workout

What does a Seattle personal trainer do for a workout first thing Monday morning??

I had a huge dilemma this morning. I wanted to run outside, as it is a beautiful, sunny day in Seattle. But I also wanted to go to boxing class, where I always get such an awesome arm workout. So I made a compromise: a 30/80 workout. You’re dying of curiosity aren’t you?? It’s such a simple workout and simple is necessary on a Monday morning. Here it is:

30 minutes of running
80 push ups (ON YOUR TOES!)

Sounds like fun, right?! (hee hee). But really it was great. You have to give it try. You can break it up any way you want to. I chose to do 4 sets of 20 push ups. 4 times during my run I dropped down for 20 push ups and then popped right back up into my run. It really did feel good. If 20 consecutive push ups make you want to hurl, break it down. You could do 8 sets of 10. Time it to your music, so you do a set at the end of every song or every other song. Or drop into push ups ever 5 minutes. The possibilities are endless.

Also, if you’re a knee push upper – start every set on your toes and get as many as you can, then drop to your knees. Don’t be afraid of those toes!

Have fun – your arms and legs will LOVE you!

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