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Living Room Workout!

The streets of Seattle were particularly nasty this morning, so I didn’t want to run.  Instead I thought I would offer my personal training services to myself in my very own living room.  Decided I should share the fun with you all.  Here is my early morning workout.  Got the blood flowing and sweat pooling.  I dare you to try it over the weekend.

**Do three rounds.  Rest 1:00 between rounds.  NO REST DURING ROUNDS.**

**Time each round, trying to go faster each time.**

Overhead Squats (5-15 lb DBs in each hand) x 12

Mountain Climbers x 50

1 Leg Row (5-20 lb DBs in each hand) x 12 per side

Reverse Flyes (5-10 lb DBs in each hand) x 12

Skaters with Floor Touch (5-10 lb DB) x 20

Burpees x 10

Stationary Lunges (aka split squat) with Overhead Press (5-15 lb DBs in each hand) x 12 per side

Jump Squats x 20

V Sit & Twist (10 lb DB)

Happy sweating my friends!


#1 - Derek Says:


That’s Awesome, Great workout,

You go girl!

#2 - Patty Reed Says:


I like this, Sara! I shall pass it along!

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