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Trader Joe’s Treasures

Come into my kitchen to see what I stock up on when I hit up Trader Joe’s.  This is the best place in town to get affordable organic foods.  It is so important to eat organic as much as you can.  Eating high quality food is an invaluable part of your health.  But eating organic can be really expensive, depending on where you live and where you shop.  We are lucky to have multiple Trader Joe’s locations in Seattle.  As a personal trainer in Seattle, I always start my weekly shopping at TJ’s, knowing that’s where I’ll get the best deals on organic foods.  That said, there are some items I can’t get at TJ’s, so from there I make lists of the other stores I need to hit.  Yes, grocery shopping is a multi-store event in our house, as I’m cheap and I’m picky!  So you can find me in four different stores to complete one week’s worth of shopping.  Check out this video to see where my shopping begins…

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