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Gasworks Boot Camp in Full Swing!

Here is some footage of last week’s classes. We are having a blast at Gasworks. By having a blast, I mean people are sweating like crazy and working their fannies off, literally! It’s been really inspiring to see all these folks working so hard. They are seeing the results of their hard work pay off, too. I’m getting all sorts of reports of people tightening up their belts and feeling like their clothes are too big. On top of that people are setting new physical records every week. One woman emailed me to report she did 52 push ups on her toes in one class. A few months ago, she was still hammering them out on her knees. Awesome progress. If you check out the video above you’ll even see someone pumping out some one-armed push ups! GOOD TIMES! I hope this video gets you FIRED UP and you decide you must come get in on the fun yourself!

Click here for full class details.

To all my Boot Campers: Leave a comment below telling me your favorite Boot Camp exercise (or least favorite, so I can be sure to include it more often!)


#1 - Erica Evans Says:


Hi Sara –
I enjoy doing the ‘step-up’ exercises on the cement platform next to the water. The movement of stepping my body onto the platform makes me feel strong + it’s an incredible view of downtown (to help the mind drift away from the pain)!

#2 - jill Says:


ohhh, I LOVE watching this…the campers work hard, nice!

#3 - bootcamp marketing Says:


love your video! i really enjoyed!

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