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Labor Day Workout

Yes, your Labor Day should have a little labor in it. So here is a fabulous Labor Day workout for you! See if you can beat my time (18:59!) I demo the first few rounds for you in the video above.

1-10-1 Workout:
Jump Squats
Push Ups
Step Ups or Jump Ups (step or jump onto a step that is around 12 inches tall)
Tricep Dips
Sit Ups

First set, perform each exercise one time. Second set, perform each exercise two times. Third set, perform each exercise three times, etc, etc, up to sets of 10. From there work your way down until you are back to sets of 1.

Rest as little as possible between exercises. Time yourself and try to complete workout in under 30 minutes.

This is a workout I’ve used in Boot Camp, but it’s also great for a Home Boot Camp workout on a day you can’t make it to class or as a Travel Workout. It requires very little equipment and little space.



#1 - erika parker Says:


I accept the challenge and did it in 19:12! Thanks Sara for motivating me this am! now off to the shower…

#2 - admin Says:


AWESOME Erika!!! Nice job getting in your workout on a holiday 🙂 .

#3 - Susan R Says:


It is sure hard to stay motivated all by yourself! But I did it…23:05. I didn’t have a step so I did standing long jumps instead of jump-ups. Not sure how much our downstairs neighbor loved the labor day workout:) Thanks for posting this Sara.

#4 - admin Says:


Great work Susan – I love the long jump revision. I’m sure your neighbors LOVE you :)!!

#5 - Wendy Says:


Wow, this was good practice for class moving indoors – I am SWEATY! My time was 20:15… a pleasant surprise, since I felt slow as molasses 🙂

#6 - Brenda Says:


Nice! Man I miss doing intense work outs! I’m passing this along to my friend Tara who is training for her 1/2 marathon.

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