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Snow Day Workout

I’m very bummed to cancel class tonight and tomorrow morning. Such is the nature of snow in Seattle. . . But NO EXCUSES – the workouts must go on. You are 2 days away from Thanksgiving. Did you know that many people consume 2 entire days worth of food in ONE MEAL on Turkey Day? Disturbing, huh?! Don’t be a victim of this national pigout day. Do this workout today and again Thursday morning:

20 Jumping Jacks
20 High Knees
20 Butt Kickers
Repeat x 3

3-5 rounds FOR TIME
(goal = beat yourself each round)

50 Jack Presses
10 Jump Squats
10 Tricep Push Ups
50 Mountain Climbers
10 Reverse Lunge/Forward Kick (10 per side!)
10 T Push Ups
20 Pulsing Crunches
10 Airplanes

Have fun and share results below!


#1 - Andra Says:


Done! Thanks Sara! I really needed that, I’ve been stir crazy all day. I beat my first round by 20 secs, my second round by 5 seconds and my third by 4 secs. Then I just made up my own work out after that and I feel great! 🙂

Happy snow day all!

#2 - admin Says:


Awesome Andra! So Impressive. Way to inspire everyone else 🙂 .

#3 - Megan Says:


High five Sara! Amanda did it with me so we both thank you:)
4:35, 4:20, 4:02 & 3:52
Now we’re going to do cheerleader jumps!

#4 - admin Says:


WooHoo Megan and Amanda! I hope the workout warmed you up for your jumps! Nice times too. Glad you had a fun friend workout.

#5 - Linnea Gerspach Says:


3 rounds
Total time 9:49
Rounds 3:15, 3:04 & 3:30!

Awesome workout Sara!

#6 - admin Says:


Done! 5 sets: 3:25/3:07/3:04/3:01 and drumroll please…2:58. Who’s up next?? Happy sweating!

PS – Thanks to those who did this earlier – you totally pushed me! Thanks to Dani who jumped on me during every set of Airplanes. Thanks to Lady Gaga for keeping the beat.

#7 - Andra Says:


Wow, you guys are all fast! I need to pick it up today it looks like! Bring it!

#8 - Wendy Says:


I think I almost knocked eveything over in my mom’s house (it’s 200 years old), but that was fun! I substituted the 50 mountain climbers for 25 plank jacks (?? no idea what they’re called!) 5 rounds: 4:37 (wardrobe malfunction), 4:02, 3:30, 3:33, 2:52. I pushed the last one to get under 3… not sure my form was great 🙂

#9 - Dan Says:


Ok, so let me just say that I have not been to the gym for probably a week now. With it being so cold outside I could not do it. I know, I know, pretty lame. My first exercise was shoveling snow which happened three times between Mon. and Tues. A total of about 3 hours. I timed myself for these workouts to humor Sara. Here’s how it worked out. I bettered myself by 20 seconds the first round then, 10 seconds the second, then back up to something between the first and second round. Did a total of four rounds. I’ll be doing this again.

#10 - Derek Strachan Says:


Okay okay okay,
I was looking at what you were grateful for and thinking what a nice thing to share and stumble across the Snow Day work out. Well well, well, Dr. D is up for any challenge and let’s just say that I am sweating A LOT! at the moment. Sara, great idea, it got me moving the day after thanks giving which I am proud to say I didn’t over eat but I also didn’t want to go outside to work out today and was not feeling up to the gym so this workout rocked!

I did 4 founds of 4:16, 4:05, 3:20 and 3:26. There was such a big jump in time between round 2 and 3 is because I got the routine down only to realize that I was only doing 5 reverse lunges on each side, I missed the each side part and thought it was a total of 10.

Well, it has been some time, I did it and tomorrow I will pay I am sure.

Thanks Sara!

Come on Wendy, you can beat me!

#11 - admin Says:


Wow – you guys ROCK!!! Wendy, 2:52?! Amazing! Glad you didn’t break the house down.

#12 - bootcamp marketing Says:


wow nice move! so impressive! hope you guys post more vids like this!

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