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2010 Joy!

Wow. What a year for Sync Fitness. I am in awe.

This year has been successful in ways I could not anticipate last January. It has been the single best year for Sync Fitness for many reasons. I wish I could individually highlight each client I had the pleasure of working with this year. I want each of you to know how much I truly LOVE and APPRECIATE every bit of energy and sweat you share with me. Sync Fitness is nothing without YOU.

Sync Fitness started out as a little personal training business almost 8 years ago. Those of you who come in for one-on-one personal training deserve recognition and major props for training under my watchful eye with nowhere to hide. You can’t hide in the back of the class in a 1:1 session. Thank you for never saying no, for always trusting me and for helping me count when I forget how. 1:1 training is where Sync Fitness began and the relationships I’ve developed over the years with you, my 1:1 friends, mean a lot to me. I feel so blessed to enjoy the time we spend together. I truly love being a part of your life.

Sync Fitness classes have long been a part of the program, but they have evolved to an entirely different level this year. My Boot Camp program has grown so tremendously, I’m adding more classes starting January 3rd. What’s most impressive is that it’s the 6am classes that are busting at the seems. For those of you who get up 3 days a week and drag yourself to the Fitness Lab half awake/half asleep, please know how impressed I am by your discipline and determination. 6am classes are painful – but only for the first few minutes 🙂 . Additionally, many folks in the Boot Camp program started out with a skeptical eye and a barfy belly, not sure if they could tolerate boot camp workouts. Look how many of you have survived?!?! You have all become stronger and fitter. It’s getting to the point that I wouldn’t want to workout beside some of you, cause you might beat me at my own game. Thank you for pushing yourself and those around you. Boot Camps classes fuel me and my own workouts. Your dripping sweat, spraying spit and crinkled up faces of pain, I mean pleasure, make my day, everyday.

The newest component of Sync Fitness in 2010 was my Total Body Transformation program. As I type this sentence, I can’t help but get a little teary. This program has changed the lives of over 30 individuals this year. It has changed my life as well. Guiding your transformations has been my most proud experience as a personal trainer. It takes huge courage just to sign up for this program. The applications I receive as people explain their struggles with food and weight and self image absolutely tear at my heart strings. Each of you have reminded me exactly why I do what I do. I can’t tell you how much joy I feel for your successes this year. In addition to looking simply fabulous, you are all standing taller, smiling wider and carrying yourselves with more honor and pride. I am humbled by the commitment you made to yourself and to Sync Fitness this year. Thank you for being incredibly brave, embracing this program and showing yourself who’s boss. Know that you inspire me everyday.

Thank you to each one of you for sharing a little bit of yourself with me. It is a privilege and honor to be a part of your life and your health. It is a job I take very seriously. Each of you have made me a better trainer this year. Thank you for making my little baby, Sync Fitness, the Little Engine that Could Not Be Stopped this year.


#1 - Brenda Says:


Congratulations Sara on all your success. You’ve worked hard and earned every bit of it. I can’t wait to see what new ventures you’ll take on in 2011.

Love your new blog features. Muy sexy!

P.S. Aaron and I had recently had dinner with the Weagraffs and I must say that Mrs. Weagraff is a whole new person. Your total body transformation did more than transform her body. Her energy and spirit as well as new found enthusiasm for staying healthy are contagious. Bravo!!

#2 - Derek Says:



Congradulations on a phenominal year! I am so happy for you. You deserve nothing short of the best. It is your passion, knowledge, playfulness and committment that make coming out to work out so enjoyable.

It has been a joy watching you and your business evolve over these last 4 years!

#3 - Kevin Daniels Says:


Sara- You are the best!!!! Even after the holidays I’m still 26 pounds lighter than when I started a few months ago. AND——-I’m off blood pressure meds for the first time in 20 years!!!!! Awesome!!! Thanks for making working out fun and not so terribly serious…


#4 - admin Says:


Thank you Brenda and Derek!

Awesome Kevin! I’m so proud of you! 26 pounds is AMAZING! Improving your blood pressure is even more exciting. You have done an incredible job changing your life in the last 6 months. I’m so impressed!

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