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Sara’s 2011 Resolutions

As always, I have a number of resolutions. They are not necessarily tied to the New Year, as much as they are on my ongoing list of “Things To Do.” The New Year does give me a good excuse to put them on paper, make them public (which HUGELY increases accountability) and get the wheels in motion. So, if I share mine, you gotta share yours. Deal?

1. Run 2 half marathons. Most likely Capital City in May and Super Jock & Jill in September.

2. Do another round of P90X. This keeps my strength training focused and balances out the running. Also, it makes me do a million pullups, which I HATE. But they’re good for me.

3. Return to yoga. I don’t even want to write this one down. It will be the hardest for me. I d-r-e-a-d yoga. But I believe it is essential for injury prevention and I am prone to very tight muscles and injuries. So it really should be at the forefront of my fitness program.

4. Help 40-60 people lose 400-600 pounds in my Total Body Transformation program.

5. Involve 1000 moms in Fit Healthy Moms. I’m doing a ton of behind the scenes work on this right now. More info coming soon.

6. Put away my toys and clothes so my husband doesn’t have to clean up after me.

7. Eat more veggies, drink less wine. I need to be more adventurous with my veggies. I stick with the same ones over and over. I know I’m missing some great colors/vitamins/minerals. And, yes, I should drink less wine. That’s another one I hate to put on paper. Cause I really don’t want to do it. . . but wine = empty calories. Empty calories are just stupid.

Ok, your turn. What are your 2011 resolutions? Share below!


#1 - Erika Parker Says:


I like your resolutions Sara–except the less red wine one:-) if you check out the studies done on the cardioprotective properties of red wine, you’ll see that it is healthful to drink it (in moderation, of course!) Well worth the calories!

#2 - sheryl miller Says:


January 1st weighed in at 71.4kg!

*5kg by Febuary 7th!
By the time my kids to go to school I WILL have lost 5kg!
By the time the Biggest Loser Show starts in March
*I WILL have lost 10kg!

*A green smoothie every morning for breakfast.

*Weights 3 times a week!

*Walking the dogs and kids riding their bikes after dinner.

*Make me a priority – 1st on the list!

*Yoga stretches before i get into bed and when I get up.

*Focus on the moment

sheryl miller

#3 - admin Says:


Erika, I’ll keep that in mind and maybe just cut back a little 🙂 .

Sheryl, Awesome resolutions! I can tell you’ve given it some thought and mapped out a plan. Way to go. Wishing you a ton of success. Pleas, keep us all posted!

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