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How a Workout Buddy Can Boost Your Fitness Routine

While we all hatch plans to finally hit the gym, jog a mile, or join a fitness class with noble intentions, following through and showing up consistently is far more challenging. However, if you make those plans with a fellow fitness-minded friend, you can hold one another accountable and reap more rewards than you may realize!

Here are a few of our favorite perks of getting fit with a workout buddy.

Accountability: Making plans to go to the gym or even check in with someone about weekly workouts is a highly motivational tool. Keep in mind, accountability is a two-way street – your buddy needs you as you need him or her. Try to find a buddy with a similar schedule so you have fewer excuses to avoid the gym.

Providing support: Group classes are great ways to mix up the routine. Nonetheless, walking through the doors the first time can be daunting. Signing up to try new things with your buddy can ease the awkwardness and help build a stronger bond between you two.

Healthy competition: A little friendly competition never hurt anyone! Trying to keep up with one another or even push each other to continually improve benefits both workout buddies in the long run, especially if you’re both at similar skill levels.

Refreshing the routine: It’s easy to walk into the gym, go through the motions of the same repetitive 30-minute workout you always do, and leave. Workout complete. Inviting someone to join you on your fitness journey can help revitalize the mundane. You and your workout partner can work together to devise a plan to incorporate your favorite modes of exercise into an ongoing routine.

Increased safety: It can be difficult to keep your form in check, as you can only observe yourself in the mirror (if the room is equipped with one). A second pair of eyes is a more reliable method to ensure you’re completing moves correctly. A workout buddy can also help spot you if you plan to lift weights.

Set and meet goals: It is possible to meet and maintain your own fitness goals, but sometimes the road to solo success can feel a bit long and thankless. Talk to your buddy about setting similar and mutual goals. When working as a team, it’s easier to keep the goal in sight and stay on track.

More fun: Simply put, working out with your friends, co-workers, or partner is just more enjoyable. Make fitness fun by blending it with your social circle!

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