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Sync Member Benefits

  • Access to 26 Fat Burning & Metabolic Boosting Boot Camp Classes a Week
  • Monthly Fitness Assessment
  • Early Access to all our Transformation Programs
  • Complimentary Fitness & Nutrition Workshops
  • Discounts on all Sync Swag (shirts, hoodies, tote bags, calendars)
  • Free Parking & Towel Service
  • Monthly Family Boot Camp Class
  • Exclusive Sync Social Events
  • Access to Private Sync Superstars Facebook Group (for shared recipes, events, support, motivation and relationship building)
  • Free entrance to our #216in2016 Challenge
  • Unlimited support from Owner Sara Dean and the Sync Team
  • We are now offering 30 classes a week!

    Sync Fitness offers Seattle’s Premier Boot Camp. Our workouts burn more calories and more fat than any of our competitors. Why??? Because we’ve been running Boot Camps and weight loss programs for years now and we know the fat loss formula.

    Come join us to BLAST FAT, BURN CALORIES, and BUILD LEAN MUSCLE. Serving Seattle since 2003, Sync Fitness Boot Camp has learned what people love and what people hate (and what they love to hate!) We are here to help you make the most of your workouts and push you harder than you can push yourself. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how much you enjoy the experience.


    3837 13th Avenue West, Seattle WA 98119
    We are located just before the Ballard Bridge on the corner of 13th Avenue West and Nickerson. We have free parking in the gravel lot on Nickerson and on surrounding streets.


  • 3 days a week = $197 monthly
  • Unlimited = $227 monthly
  • “No Contract” options also available
  • Drop in = $25
  • All prices include 9.5% WA state tax
  • **Kidspace Staff and Families, contact us to find out about Kidspace discounts!

  • Waiver Form (PDF)
  • Health History Form (PDF)

  • Mon – Fri 6-6:45
  • Mon – Fri 6:50-7:35
  • Mon – Fri 9:15-10
  • Mon/Wed 10-10:45
  • Sat – 8-8:45 and 9-9:45
  • Sun – 9:30-10:15
  • Evenings
  • Mon – Thurs 5:10-5:55
  • Mon – Thurs 6-6:45
  • See our full calendar here

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    At Sync Fitness Boot Camp you’ll be working with people of all fitness levels. We will be running, jumping, squatting and lunging. In between all that, we’ll throw in some push ups (we know at least 12 different kinds!), planks, rowing and serious core work. Be prepared for sweaty fun!


    I am having so much fun in Boot Camp. I never thought I could workout (hard!) at 6:00 in the morning, but with an awesome workout to look forward to, getting out of bed on Boot Camp days is a pleasure. The creative sessions and keen encouragement make all the difference. I have an injury that she’s really careful about helping me work through, and I’m feeling tougher and stronger than I ever did cranking out the same old moves all the time at the gym!”
    Loryn K.

    Attending Boot Camp 3 days/week has had the biggest impact on me in so many different ways: my energy level is much higher, my mood has improved, my food choices are smarter… I’ve said to myself at LEAST once a week, “I feel like a million bucks!!” And the technical results back up my mantra – I’ve lost over 10 pounds and 4″ from my waistline!”
    Wendy L.

    I have now lost over 25 pounds. After the first 4 weeks, I was forced to sort out the size 14 pants from my closet because they were just way too baggy. I am feeling stronger. My back is not hurting after a long day. I have more energy at work. I look forward to the workouts. I like how I look when I walk past storefronts and can see my reflection. Thank you, Sara!!”
    Jill K.

    Sara is a workout Goddess. I love her classes. Her workouts are never boring but are seamless moving from one exercise to the next keeping you challenged but having fun all the same. Thanks to Sara, I am now able to do real push ups on my toes despite an old broken elbow. On top of that my lower back pain has completely disappeared. I always look forward to my next class!”
    Lara S.

    My butt looks better in jeans!
    Nicole A.

    I have been training with Sync Fitness since March of 2009. Starting out with one strength training class a week, Sara’s encouragement helped me gain confidence in my athletic ability to step it up to her twice weekly Boot Camp in September of 2009. After I started the twice weekly Boot Camp I have noticed a significant change in my body, my clothes fit better, my energy level has improved by leaps and bounds and my sense of well being has increased tremendously. Probably most significant would be the positive comments others have made about my overall appearance and attitude! Thank you!”
    Erika P.

    I get more from Sara’s 45 minute bootcamps than hours in the gym. Every workout is different, and goes by so quickly I hardly even realize how hard I am working. I have lost 12 lbs. and 3 inches from my waistline. That is more success than I’ve had in years of working out on my own! I have so much energy, sleep great and am a positive role model for my kids & family now. Thanks Sara!”
    Melissa P.

    I joined Sync Fitness after an ACL reconstruction and the blessings of my Surgeon. Sara programmed not only strength conditioning, but her approach and her use of plyometrics resulted in a weight drop of 14 pounds and very noticeable change in my ability to jump into all the sports I had missed for way too long. A great experience.”
    Armando Z.

    Sync Fitness Boot Camp helped me lose 19 lbs and 4 inches off my waist. Now I can do 100 pushups on my toes!”
    Ben W.

    I dropped about three pant sizes, I feel more confident with less stomach jiggle and I can run twice around Greenlake!”
    Sarah H.

    Since I started working out with Sync Fitness I have more energy, am stronger and actually look forward to working out at 6am! I am amazed at the progress I have made in a few months of Boot Camp. I have lost weight (11 pounds!), increased my endurance and was able to decrease my cholesterol medication!”
    Lisa H.

    I’m stronger (up to 25 full push ups!), and it has given me confidence in all aspects of my life.”
    Treena C.

    I’m down 8 lbs, and I feel like have gained a ton of muscle. I was able to donate some of some pants/jeans to Goodwill that were getting too big.”
    Susan R.

    “Sara helped me to achieve a goal I’d never thought I’d be able to. With Sara’s support and training schedule I was able to complete my first half marathon!”
    Heather H.

    Sara is not one of those scary trainers who you dread working out with. She makes working out fun and learning new techniques easy.”
    Sarah W.

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    Seattle’s Best Boot Camp

    Top 10 Benefits of Boot Camp

    1. Camaraderie: Working out with others is more fun. Misery loves company, right?!
    2. Competition: Working out with others makes you work harder. Our Boot Campers consistently burn more calories than my personal training clients.
    3. Metabolic Boost: The formats we use in class (high intensity intervals, full body movements, circuit training) stimulate your metabolism to make you a lean, mean, calorie burning machine.
    4. Banish Belly Fat: Intervals and full body movements are the most effective way to burn belly fat at the gym. . . way more effective than crunches or “ab class”.
    5. Eat better: Our clients notice they eat much healthier on Boot Camp days. Who’s going to waste a workout by grabbing a donut on their way to work. You will eat better and likely drop a few pounds. Warning: many of our clients have to buy new pants!
    6. Stronger = Smaller: As you build muscle and lose fat you get smaller. Awesome! You will lose weight and inches as you become more fit. See warning in #5!
    7. Energy: Our clients regularly comment on how much energy they have on days they attend Boot Camp. Boot Camp is like an amazing cup of coffee (x10!!)
    8. Enhance your favorite activities: Our clients who run, cycle, ski, snowboard, swim cannot believe how Boot Camp impacts their favorite activities. Boot Camp is the perfect cross training activity. Get stronger, build endurance and dominate your favorite sport/activity.
    9. Decrease Risk Factors: Regular moderate to high intensity exercise has been proven to reduce your risk of diabetes, cardiac conditions, many types of cancer. Don’t you want to live longer?
    10. Lose Your Meds: A number of our clients have been able to decrease or even eliminate their blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Of course, you need to work with your doctor on this. Our client’s docs notice over time that they no longer need the medications they needed when they were sedentary.