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**New Member Extravaganza**

loveWe love you, our members – like really LOVE you. And we have really big hearts, so we have room to love MORE members. Sync Fitness is all about building community with the right kind of people. You, our members, have shown us time and again that you have the most fabulous friends, families and co-workers. We want you to invite them to come check out our community to see if it could make their life as awesome as it’s made your life.

So, we thought we’d put together a little friendly competition……

We are hosting a New Member Extravaganza and Raffle for the month of September. Yes, there will be prizes. Yes, you’ll want to win them. Current members and new members (all the folks you invite) are all eligible to participate!

To enter:
When you bring a guest to try out classes anytime through September 30th, you will be entered into our raffle. For every additional guest you bring, you get an additional entry (so if you bring 3 people to try out a class, you get 3 raffle entries.)

When one of your guests signs up for membership anytime in September, you get 2 more raffle entries AND your guest (the new member) gets 2 raffle entries. From there, the new member is also welcome to start inviting people in order to get more entries.

Note: when you invite someone to come try out class, they are invited to come to as many classes as they want for the week – yes, an entire week free (over $50 value!)

If you are a former member and you want to return to Boot Camp, you will get one entry into the raffle upon signing up. From there, you may invite folks and play the game like everyone else!

To qualify for the GRAND PRIZE, you must bring in at least 2 visitors who become new members or a total of 4 or more guests. All members who are eligible for the GRAND PRIZE will participate in the GRAND PRIZE drawing. If you don’t win the GRAND PRIZE, you will be offered one of the Additional Raffle Prizes listed below.

$500 Costco Vacation Package to one of the following destinations:
* Kauai
* Cancun
* Los Cabos
* Puerto Vallarta
* Aruba
* Turks and Caicos
* Dominican Republic
* Bahama Cruise
* Caribbean Cruise

(In lieu of travel, the winner of this prize can also opt for a $500 cash.)

ADDITIONAL RAFFLE PRIZES:Anyone who brings one or more guests during the New Member Extravaganza will be eligible to win these prizes. Your chances of winning go up the more guests you bring and when your guests become members!
* Fit Bit Alta ($130 value)
* $100 Nordstrom Gift Card
* $100 Athleta Gift Card
* $100 Ethan Stowell Restaurants Gift Card
* $100 Unravel Therapeutics Gift Card

Our New Member Extravaganza will culminate with a Member Appreciation Party and raffle drawing on Thursday, Oct 6.

This contest starts NOW. The fastest way to start inviting is to share this blog post with your gang via Facebook or email. GAME ON!

3 Ways to Never Diet Again

img_5033I don’t believe in dieting. How about you? I would love to help you reframe your headspace around nutrition and dieting. It is one of my biggest passions.

Most women use food as a form of punishment and reward. Many of us have been doing this almost out entire lives. So, it can be really challenging go stop the vicious cycle that runs on repeat in our heads and in our habits.

At Sync Fitness, we talk a TON about mindset around food in our Total Body Transformation Program, so if you’re already signed up for that, you’ll get a lot of support in this area (if you’re not signed up, please join us!) I thought it might be helpful to give you a little sneak peek at some of the ways we talk about food in our programs.

Here are 3 practices ingrained in our Total Body Transformation Program to ensure you will never have to diet again. Ever.

1. Eliminate deprivation.
Most people think that to get results, it has to be really hard and really painful. Maybe you remove entire food groups or make solemn promises to yourself like, “I will never eat sugar again.” This is all well and good for a day or two. And then, failure… You eat the sugar. You hate yourself. You are back to where you started, but with a more damaged sense of self. You do this over and over – maybe every single Monday.

This is so damaging. It is hard on you physically, but it is emotional and mental TORTURE. You deserve so much better.

How about you work from a place of abundance instead of deprivation. “I can have allll the fruits and veggies and protein I want. I can eat so many things I enjoy. I can even have a little sugar or alcohol or bread here and there and still get the results I want. Nothing is off limits.”

See how different this is? It is entirely possible to get results without a deprivation based diet.

2. Only practice sustainable habits.
For the love of God, don’t stop eating carbs (or any other food group!) That is not sustainable. It is just a horrible way to torture yourself. Also, do not commit to eating the exact same boring, bland meals day after day just to see if the scale will move.

Practice habits that are enjoyable and sustainable. Make one new dinner recipe a week from your favorite healthy website (I love or

Allow yourself to have your favorite alcoholic drink 1-2 nights a week.

Learn how to healthify your favorite carbs (zoodles! cauliflower rice! spaghetti squash!)

Eat dessert. Not every night. But once a week or so – if that’s your favorite treat (I’d rather have wine, lol!)

Exercise 3-5 days a week. Not every single day. That is not sustainable. And you’ll likely hurt yourself.

So, choose habits that challenge you, but set you up for success. If you set yourself up to win and you will keep winning!

3. Do not rely on quick fixes.
Weight loss and fat loss takes time. Losing water weight can be fast. Losing muscle mass can be fast if you’re undernourished. Losing fat is a slow process where you must learn patience and self love. That is the only way to ensure long term success.

When you take baby steps every day, you form habits and results that will last a lifetime. If you read any stories of The Biggest Loser – Where Are They Now, almost all of them have regained their weight and then some.

Crazy intense programs do not work because they do not give you lasting results. They perpetuate that vicious cycle of using food and exercise for reward and punishment. That is a horrible way to live. Most of us have been there. I have – for decades. It sucks.

Along those lines, we do not recommend cleanses or detoxes. They are bright, shiny objects, I know. They guarantee amazing results. But here’s the thing… the weight you lose by only drinking juice for 3 days and not chewing one bite of food is water weight. You’ll also lose muscle. You will regain the weight as quickly as you lost it – AND – you will be angry, depressed, frustrated. Because, again, you have had a set back. This wrecks your headspace around nutrition – long after the the cleanse is over. Please, do not do it. (Also, you have a liver. It’s main job is to cleanse you. Every damn day.)

So, let’s make a pact. You in? Join me in NEVER dieting again. Your life will change, forever. You will probably fall in love with yourself, for the first time. It is the best journey.

If you’d like to take this non-diet journey, join us for our Total Body Transformation Program! I will teach you how to totally reframe your relationship with food and exercise, while getting you amazing results.

Warning: this program is only for people who are ready to amaze themselves, and cheer for themselves, and say, “Damn, I ROCK.” I’m not saying that will happen on Day 1. But it will happen. You ready?

xoxo, Sara

PS: if this email struck a chord with you, email me and let me know. I’d love to connect and support you wherever you are at.

3 Easy Summer Fitness Tips!

Jan FeatureSummertime can be a tough time to stay on top of health, fitness, wellness goals. I mean, who doesn’t want to just lounge in the sun all day with a bottomless mimosa?!?

But summer fitness can actually be super easy and practically effortless. If you’re struggling at all with this, email me! I would love to help you out in any way I can.

Ok, here are my 3 Easy Summer Fitness Tips:

>>>1. Get in shorter workouts.
If you have a crazy summer schedule, don’t underestimate the power of getting in a 10 minute workout. It’s better than nothing – and can leave you drenched & fired up for your day. Try this: 30 jumping jacks, 20 squats, 10 push ups, 10 supermans. Repeat as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes.

>>>2. Build movement and activity into your day.
Do walking errands when it’s sunny out. Schedule hikes and bike rides with your family. Hit up parks with trails and go exploring (Discovery and Carkeek are great for this!) Go stand up paddle boarding or kayaking on Greenlake or Lake Washington. Workouts don’t always have to be super high intensity – any movement is much better than sitting in front of a screen.

>>>3. Join a community for support.
Yes, come join us at Sync Fitness! Showing up for a workout takes out all the guesswork. It is so nice to just let someone else tell you what to do. It’s also great to workout in a community of supportive women (our members are super rad!) Email me to schedule a complimentary week of classes OR you could even jump into our upcoming Battle of the Bod Squads if you’re looking for fitness & nutrition support and daily motivation.

Don’t let three months of eating and drinking creep up on you. I’ve seen it happen and it’s very frustrating come fall. Don’t do that to yourself! I’m here for you. My team is here for you. We would love to support you in any way we can.

Oh, and PS: You can save $50 off Battle of the Bod Squads if you register by Tuesday at midnight! Make sure to grab your spot right away (and invite a couple friends to join you – it’s a super fun program!) This program was specifically designed to be a part of your summer routine – you can even do it while traveling!

Sara-Dean-26About Sara Dean and Sync Fitness: Sara founded Sync Fitness in 2003. It is her biggest pride and joy – ok, aside from her 3 year old – and some days that is totally negotiable. Our programs have received multiple awards and accolades over the years. The community my staff and members have built at Sync Fitness is beyond anything I could have imagined when I first started this adventure. We do a lot of laughing, a lot of cheering, and there are quite a few happy tears too. I am proud that this is a safe place for so many women to show up and do their thang, whatever that means on any given day. Our classes are full of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. Every single person is perfect as is.

You can contact Sara and the Sync Team here. We look forward to connecting with you!

Happy FRIENDbruary!

sharetheloveWelcome to FRIENDbruary Sync Friends! We love that you all go to such great lengths to tell your friends, family and co-workers about Sync Fitness. In fact, you spreading the #SyncLove is how we get most of our new members – so THANK YOU!

We thought it would be fun to spread as much Sync Love as possible in February, I mean FRIENDbruary. So we decided to make it a little game. And by game, I mean there will be prizes. Gooooood ones!

For the entire month of FRIENDbruary, every time one of your friends joins us as a new member, you BOTH get your choice of:

* A Fit Bit
* $100 Nordstrom gift card
* $100 Athleta gift card
* $100 Ethan Stowell Restaurants gift card
* $100 El Gaucho Restaurant/Inn gift card.
* $100 toward Sync Membership

Additionally, every time you post a pic on Facebook of you and a friend working out at Sync Fitness and use the hashtags #FRIENDbruary and #SyncLove, you’ll be entered in to a drawing to win a Sync gift basket of surprises ($200+ value). How fun is that?! We all know there are few things better than sweaty selfies!

So, please tell your beloveds to get their buns to Sync for a workout with you. Then post a sweaty selfie with them. Oh, and make sure to let them know that all prospective members get a full complimentary week of classes.

At the end of the the challenge we will have a little FRIENDbrewary/celebration at Rooftop Brewing right across the street from Sync Fitness. I can’t wait to celebrate the SyncLove with you and our new members!

What do you need to do to get started? Just bring a friend to sweat with you and BAM… We’ll take care of the rest. Oh yeah – post your sweaty selfie with your friend too!

Not-So-Fine Print: Yes, if you have multiple friends join Sync in FRIENDbruary, you get multiple $100 gift cards or Fit Bits. Yes, we will take excellent care of all your friends and make them feel welcome (it’s what we do best.) Yes, we adore you. Thank you for spreading the #SyncLove.

All prospective members get a FREE WEEK of Sync classes. Contact us here to schedule your Free Week!

New Digs, New Happenings!

After almost 3 years at our current location, Sync Fitness is on the move! Our last day of classes AND moving day is July 31. Be ready for a fresh new start of classes is Monday, August 3rd at our sparkling new location: 3837 13th Ave. W. (approx. Nickerson and 13th).

We have some warm, nostalgic feelings from our home on West Armory Way, as we have more than doubled in size while at that location. That growth has resulted in so much more than new clients. Our Sync community has really connected and, well…synced!

While we are a bit wistful to leave that location and those special memories behind, this new location will house not only all those memories and friendships, but we anticipate new families joining us and some programs now possible for us in this new space.

Our move is precipitated by the current building getting torn down, but the potential for community building and growing at our new digs is exciting! We will have a fresh, new setting with enough room to add 7 new class options each week, which means an additional on-two classes to choose from each day.

It is located right next to Kid Space, a wonderful recreational program, so we expect to welcome new families in our mission at Sync.

A cool new/old change will include bringing back our pull-up bar and mirrors. The hill location has already inspired us for fun ways to add in some cardio, so get ready.

In addition to the new classes, we will also be rolling out programs such as additional, power-packed boot camps, community events and more events in the very near future to support our non-profit activities.

We look forward to hiring an admin/marketing person to help with all the new ventures. Keep your eyes peeled for our grand opening! It will be great to be all settled in after the move and to put our energy into growing our Sync community.

Top 5 Tips To Your Best Beach Body Yet!

Let’s be honest, summer and warm weather can actually produce a lot of anxiety for people – especially here in Seattle, the Land of Fleece and Uggs (or “cozy slippers” as my son calls mine). The casual, cozy, layered look passes all Seattle fashion tests for about 10 months of the year.

And then comes July 5th, when, for about 8 weeks, we have to expose our pasty skin (I’m the pastiest in all the land!) and a little layer of “love”, AKA stored calories from the winter.

I’m not a big fan of “dieting” for a season or trying to shrink for any reason. But I am a HUGE fan of *feeling awesome*. For example, every now and then my pasty skin does not make me feel awesome – so I get a spray tan. Most of the time it all works out and I’m a nice shade of light golden bronze. Although, there was the one time I was a little more orange than bronze… But, I digress.

If you’re wanting to *feel awesome* in your own skin by summer, here are my 5 tips to getting “Beach Ready”:

5. Schedule your workouts publicly. Put them on your calendar and your fridge and your bosses calendar and your partner’s calendar. Then brag about them at work so your co-workers know what you’re doing. Brag about them on social media. Tell your kids when you’ll be working out. TELL EVERYONE. When you make your sweat a priority it gets done. The more people you tell, the less people who will try to book your for things during those precious workout hours. It’s all about the sweat schedule! BONUS: find an accountability partner and commit to a certain # of workouts for the month. Check in daily as you each knock off your workouts one by one.

4. Track your food. This can be a challenge, but there’s a ton of research to support doing this. If you know you have to document your food intake (every bite!) you will be much more mindful about your choices. BONUS: Here’s the thing – you KNOW what to do when it comes to food. Stop second guessing yourself and give yourself a little talking to about FUELING yourself versus stuffing your face. You got this. Oh, and My Fitness Pal is a great tool for tracking. Just ignore their calorie advice, though. It can be really skewed. Email me if you have questions on this!

3. #propro. I have to give credit to Sync member Caro for my favorite hashtag of 2014. #propro stands for protein and produce. When you put together your meals and snacks you always start with #propro. Once you have your protein and produce on the plate/in the bowl, you can add a little other stuff, as needed. You won’t need much mac & cheese if you start your meal with chicken, roasted veggies and tahini dressing (YUM!) Mark my words. #BONUS: challenge yourself to try out one new vegetable recipe each week.

2. I’m going to let you in on a little Sync Elite Circle Secret here. One of the most significant things you can do to change your behavior with fitness and nutrition is to start really noticing your influences and surroundings. Often we skip a workout or binge on unhealthy foods as a response to something frustrating, exhausting, overwhelming, negative, etc. Where can you cut some of this out of your life? If you’re in a great mood and feeling on top of the world, you’re probably not going to skip you workout or a healthy meal that will only further your positive feelings of accomplishment for the day, right? Don’t be afraid to own the heck out of your life. That means getting rid of people and places that do not serve your goals! BONUS: go through your Facebook and Instagram feeds and unfollow or block everyone who posts things that rub you the wrong way, make you feel bad about your body (most “fitspiration” is the opposite of inspirational!). Warning: this may include blocking family members. I’ve been there, done that and I’m a million times better for getting those people off my feed.

1. Ok, NUMERO UNO…. How to be 100% beach ready. Put on your bathing suit and go the dang beach. Today, tomorrow, or next week. You are “Beach Ready” just as you are. Don’t let anyone (most importantly yourself) make you feel otherwise. Sure, there might be things you can do to “tone” and “tighten”, but do these things out of self love and motivation to be a happier, healthier person – not just because you’re trying to shrink in the world or you feel your worth is determined by how flat your belly is in July. Make sense??

If this advice resonated with you, PERFECT. You are just in time for our Sync Spring Flingin Fat Loss Program. We only have a few spots left (like 5 – last time I checked!)

Our Spring Flingin Transformation Program will be a 4 week program that starts with a *mandatory* Kick Off Meeting on Wednesday, May 6th at 7pm. The program will run from Monday, May 11th – Saturday, June 6th. As with all our transformation programs, you’ll get unlimited classes, a full nutrition program (that has plenty of flexibility for different lifestyles and nutrition preferences), a ton of support and accountability and access to the most amazing community you could imagine. Warning: We will laugh. We will cry. You will love it all.

For full program info and registration CLICK HERE.

Talk soon!


PS: Can we all play hooky and go to the beach today? Cabo?? Anyone???

Summer Team Challenge: Battle of the Bod Squads

Let’s be honest, summer can be one big extended holiday/vacation/party. Every event seems to revolve around eating and drinking and it’s easy to justify indulgences for one special occasion after another.

On the flip side – did you know the average person doing one of my 4 week programs at any time of year loses 5-12 pounds and some lose over 20 pounds? And many people go on to lose an additional 10-40 pounds after our programs. To date, our clients have lost about 10,000 lbs in the last 4 years. I know, truly amazing….

In fact, this could happen to you:
Michelle_2013_FrontConnie Before After 11.13

Let me ask you a few questions:

If you had the opportunity to lose weight and inches before before the end of summer, would you take it?

If you could focus on positive daily behaviors that would help you get lean and mean, rather than focusing on deprivation and starvation, would you?  (The correct answer is YES.)

If you could start changing your life now, so that you finish out this summer stronger, more positive and more healthy than ever, would you?

If you could work with the support of an amazing team to hold you accountable and inspire you every single day, ensuring amazing results, would you?

You said YES to all of the above, right?? Great! You are all ready to sign up for our annual Battle of the Bod Squads.

This program is different than any of our other programs. You will work with a team to track behaviors in order to earn points daily.  You will note (through our very simple point system) your exercise, how you ate, how much water you drank, how often you avoided sugar, alcohol and other temptations.  And through this self report you will earn points each day.

You do not have to count calories.  You do not have to follow a restrictive meal plan.  You do not have to starve yourself. You can and WILL still enjoy your summer!

You will earn points for the following:


Veggie consumption

Fruit consumption

Lean Protein Consumption

Water Intake

Sugar Avoidance

Alcohol Avoidance

Weight Loss

You will be working with a team of 2-3 other individuals. These people will help keep you accountable – ensuring you get amazing results. As with all our weight loss programs, there will be a ton of support and guidance – so you will not have to second guess yourself in order to get results.

Summer should be a time for fun and adventure – what better adventure than getting in the best shape of your life with the support of a whole crew of new friends?! I’ve been doing this long enough to confidently say these are the kinds of adventures that change lives.

So, back to program logistics – you and your teammates will be earning points throughout this program. And yes, these points will count. First, a lot of points will ensure great results (a fitter body and looser clothes!) Second, a lot of points will put you in the running for prizes! There will individual and team prizes.

Here is what you get within this program:

Unlimited Sync Fitness Boot Camp classes (Value = $249)

Daily Bod Squad Tracker (Value = $19)

Sara’s Top 20 Fat Burning Meals (Value = $29)

Before/After Weigh Ins (Value = $49)

Unlimited Email/Phone Support with Sara (Value = $79)

Access to Online Private Support Group (containing unlimited recipes, motivation tips and sass) (Value = $79)

Participation in Group Support Meeting and Calls (Value = $99)

Unlimited team support, accountability and camaraderie (value = priceless!)

As you can see, this program is worth over $600 – BUT – because I want to keep prices low in order to help as many people as possible, your investment in the 4 Week Battle of the Bod Squads is $279 if you sign up before July 9th.  After July 9th, the program goes up to $319.  Current Boot Campers, this program is only $89 if you sign up by July 9th and $129 after July 9th.

The program will start with a MANDATORY Kick Off Meeting and Initial Weigh Ins on Thursday, July 17th at 7pm. You must attend this meeting in order to participate in the program. We will end the program with Final Weigh Ins on Saturday, August 16th and an Awards Ceremony on Monday, August 18th at 7pm.

Oh, and you can earn bonus points for inviting others to join the Battle of the Bod Squads.  So, spread the word and get a jump start for your team! (Bonus points are earned for recruiting new members only.)

To register for the Battle of the Bod Squads, CLICK HERE.

PS: Please note – this program sold out very quickly last year, within one day. I anticipate this program to be similar. Be sure to set a reminder on your calendar to return to this page at 9am on Wednesday, July 2nd to register. If you have any questions, please email Sara ar

The Best Ingredients for a Rockin’ Boot camp

At Sync Fitness, we know that when you arrive you’re ready to get down and sweaty, and work your booty to see results and challenge yourself without having to impress anyone. Your Sync Fitness trainers know that all of us are in different places on our fitness journey. Regardless of where your fitness stands today, we will give you the challenging workouts you need for the best caloric burn, helping you to build lean muscle mass and stimulate your metabolism for 24-48 hours after every class. Our boot camp is just the ticket for you to work with Seattle’s best trainers, with some rockin’ music to keep you energized and moving, and the encouragement needed to get you to the finish line with your fitness goals.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.19.17 PMHere are the top ingredients included in our fabulous boot camps:

  • Knowledgeable trainers to help with your form and efficient movements to build a strong and safe core.
  • Intervals and full body movements mixed to boost your metabolism for optimum fat loss and building lean muscle (HIIT workouts).
  • Strength building with weights and other tools/toys as well as the coaching to use them efficiently and safely for optimum muscle building.
  • Stretches and core work to keep your muscles loose and injury free.
  • A great group atmosphere of encouragement and team spirit to keep you going and even make some new friends.
  • Time-efficient workouts that not only are more interesting than endless hours of steady state cardio, but yield real results in shorter time than hours on machines could ever do.
  • A metabolic boost that carries you through your day and through the night, while you’re sleeping.
  • Reduced belly fat in just a few short weeks, as well as leaner, meaner muscles you never knew you had!
  • Creative workout sessions that change up to keep your muscle groups challenged so you don’t plateau, and interesting exercises to help you get the results you are working for.
  • Fun workouts that not only fire you up during them, but keep you feeling strong, challenged, and energized throughout your day…and coming back for MORE!

So c’mon and join us at Sync Fitness boot camps and get your booty in shape for the life you deserve. Warning: you may get in the best shape of your life.

Holiday Hottie Challenge I Sync Fitness

Did you know the average person gains 5+ pounds over the holidays (a period of about 4 weeks)?

Did you know the average person doing one of my week programs loses 5-22 lbs? in 4 weeks?

If you had the opportunity to lose weight and inches before before the end of 2013, would you take it?  (The correct answer is YES.)

If you could focus on positive daily behaviors that would help you get lean and mean, rather than focusing on deprivation and starvation, would you?  (The correct answer is YES.)

If you could start changing your life now, so that your 2014 starts off stronger, more positive and more healthy than any other New Year, would you?  (The correct answer is YES.)

Because you said YES to all of the above (without any coercion whatsoever), you are ready to sign up for our second annual Holiday Hottie Challenge.

In this program, you will track daily behaviors in order to earn points.  You will note (through our simple point system) your exercise, how you ate, how much water you drank, how often you avoided sugar, alcohol and other holiday temptations.  And through this self report you will earn points each day.

You do not have to count calories.  You do not have to follow a restrictive meal plan.  You do not have to starve yourself.

You will earn points for the following:


Veggie consumption

Fruit consumption

Lean Protein Consumption

Water Intake

Sugar Avoidance

Alcohol Avoidance

If you know you have a day or two you want to indulge over the holidays, you can plan accordingly, and make the days before and after stellar, so that your planned indulgences are enjoyable and guilt free.  Yes, this means you CAN have that piece of fruit cake (ewwww) and a hot toddy!

Ok, I bet you’re thinking, “What do I do with all these points??”  You try to get more points than your competitors in order to win PRIZES.  Prizes are:

1st Place: $200 to your choice of Nordstrom, Athleta, University Village or

2nd Place:  $100 to your choice of Nordstrom, Athleta, University Village or

3rd Place: $50 to your choice of Nordstrom, Athleta, University Village or

Every Holiday Hottie will get the following:

Unlimited Sync Fitness Boot Camp classes

Daily Hottie Tracker

Sara’s Top 20 Fat Burning Meals

Before/After Weigh Ins

Unlimited Email/Phone Support with Sara

Access to Private Online Support Group

Participation in Group Support Meetings & Calls

Unlimited Motivation, Inspiration and Accountability

The program will start with a Kick Off Meeting on Monday, November 25th at 7pm. This meeting is MANDATORY. The actual program (when you track food, workouts, etc) runs Monday December 2nd to Friday, December 20th. This makes it a 3 week program. 3 weeks of accountability and awesome results!

Because it’s the holidays, I’m pricing this program at a fraction of my other programs.  Your investment in the 3 Week Holiday Hottie Challenge is $99 if you sign up by November 12th.  After November 15th, the program goes up to $149.  Current Boot Campers, this program is only $49 if you sign up by November 15th and $99 after November 12th.

Oh, and you can earn major bonus points for inviting other newbies to join the Holiday Hottie Challenge.  So, spread the word and get a jump start on your game!

To sign up for the Holiday Hottie Challenge, please register below.

Note: “Current Boot Campers” are people who are currently paying monthly to participate in Sync Fitness classes. “Non-members” are people who are not monthly paying Boot Camp members.






Client Appreciation Dinner

Last Thursday, we had our first Client Appreciation Dinner. After 9.5 years of training, it was about 9 years overdue. . . . It was a great night of salads, food, wine, prizes and awesome company at the Wallingford Tutta Bella. About 30 Sync Fitters were in attendance. Some of them have been working with me since I first started training in Seattle 8.5 years ago. Others are new to Sync Fitness, just starting their journey of growth and transformation. What a fun bunch! Here are some pics Read the rest of this entry…