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3 Ways to Never Diet Again

img_5033I don’t believe in dieting. How about you? I would love to help you reframe your headspace around nutrition and dieting. It is one of my biggest passions.

Most women use food as a form of punishment and reward. Many of us have been doing this almost out entire lives. So, it can be really challenging go stop the vicious cycle that runs on repeat in our heads and in our habits.

At Sync Fitness, we talk a TON about mindset around food in our Total Body Transformation Program, so if you’re already signed up for that, you’ll get a lot of support in this area (if you’re not signed up, please join us!) I thought it might be helpful to give you a little sneak peek at some of the ways we talk about food in our programs.

Here are 3 practices ingrained in our Total Body Transformation Program to ensure you will never have to diet again. Ever.

1. Eliminate deprivation.
Most people think that to get results, it has to be really hard and really painful. Maybe you remove entire food groups or make solemn promises to yourself like, “I will never eat sugar again.” This is all well and good for a day or two. And then, failure… You eat the sugar. You hate yourself. You are back to where you started, but with a more damaged sense of self. You do this over and over – maybe every single Monday.

This is so damaging. It is hard on you physically, but it is emotional and mental TORTURE. You deserve so much better.

How about you work from a place of abundance instead of deprivation. “I can have allll the fruits and veggies and protein I want. I can eat so many things I enjoy. I can even have a little sugar or alcohol or bread here and there and still get the results I want. Nothing is off limits.”

See how different this is? It is entirely possible to get results without a deprivation based diet.

2. Only practice sustainable habits.
For the love of God, don’t stop eating carbs (or any other food group!) That is not sustainable. It is just a horrible way to torture yourself. Also, do not commit to eating the exact same boring, bland meals day after day just to see if the scale will move.

Practice habits that are enjoyable and sustainable. Make one new dinner recipe a week from your favorite healthy website (I love or

Allow yourself to have your favorite alcoholic drink 1-2 nights a week.

Learn how to healthify your favorite carbs (zoodles! cauliflower rice! spaghetti squash!)

Eat dessert. Not every night. But once a week or so – if that’s your favorite treat (I’d rather have wine, lol!)

Exercise 3-5 days a week. Not every single day. That is not sustainable. And you’ll likely hurt yourself.

So, choose habits that challenge you, but set you up for success. If you set yourself up to win and you will keep winning!

3. Do not rely on quick fixes.
Weight loss and fat loss takes time. Losing water weight can be fast. Losing muscle mass can be fast if you’re undernourished. Losing fat is a slow process where you must learn patience and self love. That is the only way to ensure long term success.

When you take baby steps every day, you form habits and results that will last a lifetime. If you read any stories of The Biggest Loser – Where Are They Now, almost all of them have regained their weight and then some.

Crazy intense programs do not work because they do not give you lasting results. They perpetuate that vicious cycle of using food and exercise for reward and punishment. That is a horrible way to live. Most of us have been there. I have – for decades. It sucks.

Along those lines, we do not recommend cleanses or detoxes. They are bright, shiny objects, I know. They guarantee amazing results. But here’s the thing… the weight you lose by only drinking juice for 3 days and not chewing one bite of food is water weight. You’ll also lose muscle. You will regain the weight as quickly as you lost it – AND – you will be angry, depressed, frustrated. Because, again, you have had a set back. This wrecks your headspace around nutrition – long after the the cleanse is over. Please, do not do it. (Also, you have a liver. It’s main job is to cleanse you. Every damn day.)

So, let’s make a pact. You in? Join me in NEVER dieting again. Your life will change, forever. You will probably fall in love with yourself, for the first time. It is the best journey.

If you’d like to take this non-diet journey, join us for our Total Body Transformation Program! I will teach you how to totally reframe your relationship with food and exercise, while getting you amazing results.

Warning: this program is only for people who are ready to amaze themselves, and cheer for themselves, and say, “Damn, I ROCK.” I’m not saying that will happen on Day 1. But it will happen. You ready?

xoxo, Sara

PS: if this email struck a chord with you, email me and let me know. I’d love to connect and support you wherever you are at.

Sync Event: Movement Foundations Series, Part I

UPDATE: This event is SOLD OUT.

Please email Sara to get on the wait list.

Join Sync Trainers Steve and Liz for a fun hour of learning (and some sweating!) while practicing and mastering some of the movements we utilize most often in class.

WHO this is for

You! This event is perfect for you if you:
*are new to Sync and feeling unsure of form/technique
*are a long time Sync members who want to learn how to kick up their workouts a notch
*have been dying to try out a Sync class but have been a little nervous – come in and meet our trainers and get a sense of what we’re all about
*are having aches & pains with exercise
*want to decrease their risk of injury with exercise


WHAT you’ll learn

In this training, you’ll learn and practice the following concepts/movements:
Neutral spine
Bracing the core
Breathing techniques
Push Ups


WHY this will help you

Practicing and mastering these concepts/movements will help you:
*Move more efficiently
*Decrease your risk of injury
*Increase your body awareness
*Decrease any aches & pains currently associated with these exercises
*Start using heavier weights in class (and thereby burn more fat!)
*Get stronger faster



Saturday, May 30th 10-11am



Sync Fitness
1600 West Armory Way
Seattle WA 98103



This is a FREE event. There is a $10 deposit to hold your space in the class, but when you show up your money will be refunded. Space is limited!

This event is open to the public. Feel free to invite friends. This event is perfect for folks who have been wanting to try out Sync Fitness (for FREE!)


Please email Sara to get on the wait list.

Holiday Schedule

We have a modified schedule for the last two weeks of the year. Classes will be as follows:

Monday and Tuesday, Dec 22/23: Regular Classes
Wednesday, Dec 24: 9am class with Liz
Thursday, Dec 25: No Classes
Friday, Dec 26: No Classes
Saturday, Dec 27: Regular Classes
Monday and Tuesday, Dec 29/30: Regular Schedule
Wednesday, Dec 31: Regular morning classes (6am/6:50am/10am), No 6pm class
Thursday, Jan 1: 9am class with Liz
Friday, Jan 2: Regular classes
Saturday, Jan 3: 8am Charity Boot Camp with Sara, 9am class with Liz

Happy Holidays to you all!

Mercer Island Presents (Free HIIT Workouts) I Sync Fitness

This is a special post for all the folks I presented to at my City of Mercer Island Fitness talk (Finding Fitness: How to Get Out of Your Own Way.) Thanks for hanging out with me, friends! Here is the info I promised you on how to get in the most effective and efficient workouts.

Clients frequently say to me, “If I just had time to do more cardio, I could lose this 10 extra pounds”. The reality is that they could probably CUT BACK their cardio time (maybe even cut it in half) and get better results if they were using HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) cardio workouts. They could even further cut back their cardio time if they added in strength training.

The real secret to losing that 10 pounds Read the rest of this entry…

Boot Camp fun!

Thanks to Seattle Photographer and Sync Fitness Boot Camper, Barbie Hull, for making this time lapse video of one of our recent classes!

Who do you spend the most time with?

I was at a business conference awhile back and learned about some research that found one’s income is the average of the incomes of the 5 people they spend the most time with. I would argue this extends to other areas of your life as well. Think about who you spend the most time with. How do they influence you? Do they push you to be a better person? Do they hold you back from your goals and dreams? If you’re surrounded by active, healthy people you’ll be active and healthy. If you’re surrounded my couch potatoes, you’re more likely to kick back and relax, right?

As we wrap up 2010, think about who in your life inspires you and pushes you to be better. Think about who the bad apples are in your life. Get rid of the bad apples. Instead of making resolutions to lose 10 pounds, make resolutions about who you’re going to spend your time with. Time is an increasingly valuable commodity. Why would you waste your time with people who are wasting time. Find people who fill you up and make you better. Learn from them. Emulate them. Grow with them. If these people help you to be healthier and happier, you’ll likely lose that 10 pounds.

It’s not my fault I ate the chips!

We have a few rules in my house:

1. No chips allowed
2. No baked goods allowed
3. No Diet Coke/Pepsi

I was out of town last weekend and I came home to chips in the cupboard and Diet Coke in the fridge. My husband broke the rules. We have the rules for me – not for him. He can say no to salt, I cannot. He can say no to sugar, I cannot. Neither of us can say no to carbonation. So I just inhaled a handful of chips – Salt & Vinegar Tim’s – I don’t even like those chips, dammit! If I’m gonna have chips give me some Doritos! Then I guzzled down half a DC. Ahhhhh, bubbles… But it’s definitely not my fault since my husband brought this stuff in the house. Read the rest of this entry…

I’m a nerd!

So I’m heading out today for a Mastermind meeting in Las Vegas with knots in my stomach. Why the knots?? I’m stepping HUGELY outside my comfort zone this weekend to attend this Mastermind group where I am learning from very accomplished fitness industry leaders about developing fitness products (books, ebooks, DVDs). The reason this is so scary for me is that I have only just recently starting thinking about adding this component to my business. The rest of the people participating in this event already have products (that are hugely successful, in most cases), have been in this field for awhile now and they all know each other already. I’m totally the new kid on the block. Nothing freaks me out more than being the new kid. I never changed schools growing up, well except to transition (with all my best friends) from the 8th grade to high school (so that doesn’t really count.) When I went away to college I was a DISASTER. Picture a blubbering mess of a 19 year old, wrapped around her mother, begging, “Please don’t leave me here!” Yup, that was me. I told you – I’m a nerd! Read the rest of this entry…

Sync Fitness Blog!

Yippee!  I am so excited to have my blog up and running.  Check this blog regularly for info on all sorts of exciting info on exercise, nutrition and leading a healthy (and yes, still fun ) life in Seattle.  If there is a particular topic you’re interested in, let me know.  I’d love some ideas. . . In the meantime, I’m happy to pick my favorite topics!