Training Services

I work with my clients to establish goals and define an appropriate training program for each person. I work with individuals for hour and half hour sessions.


I have several years of experience with Seattle endurance events. Whether you’re looking to run the Seattle Marathon, the Mercer Island Half Marathon, complete the Seafair Triathlon or the Pacific Crest Half Ironman, or you want to climb Mt. Rainier or complete the STP (Seattle to Portland Bike Ride), I can give you a comprehensive training program. I have trained athletes for all these events.

Additionally, I have completed almost all of the local road races and triathlons myself, so I can advise my clients on which races are best suited for their goals. One of the greatest services I provide my endurance athletes is their day-to-day training program. I can give my athletes a training schedule for up to 6 months telling them exactly what workout they are going to do on any given day.


I love working with pregnant women. Many pregnant women are unsure how to exercise safely during their pregnancy. It is a joy for me to guide their workouts. Training during pregnancy can help you maintain your fitness level during pregnancy, facilitate a better labor and delivery process and help you bounce back post-delivery. Also, regular exercise is a great way to keep your energy up during pregnancy.

It is just as great to work with women after the baby. After the wonderful event of childbirth, often moms feel like they no longer recognize their bodies. Things don’t seem to be quite the way they were before and that can be frustrating. I treasure helping moms work to get their bodies back. Additionally, I love helping moms see the value in setting time aside to take care of themselves. Taking time to improve yourself physically and mentally makes my moms better mothers.


Working with Seattle brides is so much fun for me. I love to help women work on flat abs, cut arms, a muscular back – all the essentials to look amazing in their wedding dress. I have helped many a bride shape up for her big day. Working with a trainer during this crazy time of your life can really help you make exercise and diet a priority when you have so many demands on your time and energy. It is a pleasure to be a part of bridal transformations! I want every bride to feel beautiful, breathtaking and a little bit buff on her wedding day.


I have had the privilege of working with a number of adults in their 60s, 70s and 80s. Helping these clients maintain their strength and stamina as they “grow up” is really exciting for me. I love to help seniors improve their quality of life by bringing exercise into their lives. Giving these men and women the gift of being able to maintain their physical independence is incredibly rewarding to me. In addition, I have had more fun than I can express helping these clients with more crazy ventures: climbing Mt. Rainier, playing tag with twin grandchildren, climbing stairs after knee replacement surgery, perfecting a tennis game.

I’ll never forget the day I met Sara. I felt like crying and throwing up at the same time. I was a couch potato looking to get in shape. My husband had been training with Sara for his first triathlon and slowly as if through osmosis I became encouraged. Each day Aaron grew stronger I saw more than a physical change in him. I saw him grow more confident and in his element. When the day of his triathlon arrived I thought he was crazy. Who would put themselves through all that excruciating pain for fun? Little did I know two years later I would follow in his footsteps.

Soon I too became a regular at Sara’s classes and little by little I found a strength and confidence I never knew existed. Here I was a couch potato turned athlete and when a push came to shove the day of my event, all I could here in my head was Sara saying “use your back muscles, they are a lot stronger than you think”. It was those words of encouragement coupled with Sara’s training techniques that I made it through my first triathlon. Today I stand before you all a reformed couch potato looking for a new adventure…1/2 marathon here I come!

Brenda A.
Triathlete, Bride & Class
Participant Since 2006