Training Services

This is my favorite kind of training. I train two people at the same time, keeping in mind each person’s goals, strengths and limitations. You have to try this kind of training to see how fun it can be! Partners do not have to have the same training abilities. I am able to customize each workout to suit each persons goals/needs. This is also more affordable than individual training.


Nothing is quite like training couples. There is a dynamic that cannot be described. Inevitably there is a little competition and a lot of commraderie. Working out with your significant other is an amazing way to spend quality time together – way better than watching reality TV together! Most importantly, if couples commit to their health together, they hugely increase their chances of making lasting changes.


I have worked with a number of co-workers who train together and use the session not only for exercise, but also just to work out the kinks of their day. Working out with a co-worker is a great way to stay accountable to your exercise program. This can be a way to make sure you get out of the office at lunch for a workout or get out at a decent time in the evening to make your training appointment.


Working out with a good friend makes it feel like you’re not even working out (almost …) I have such fun training friends. You two show up and laugh and chat through your session, while I keep your rear in gear. This is way more productive than walking Greenlake together (think of burning 200 vs. 500 calories in an hour!).


I work with groups of 3-20 people to lead exciting, calorie burning, sweaty sessions. This kind of training can take place in many ways at many locations. I work with small groups in circuit class, bootcamps, and traditional training environments.

Training with a friend worked out really well for us. Knowing someone was waiting at the studio kept us both on track. It’s cost effective and fun! Where else can you catch up on celebrity gossip while working out?

Kimball M.
Sync Fitness Client Since 2004