Are you ready to get in amazing shape without dieting and deprivation? Do you want to feel better in your body while still enjoying every moment of your summer?

Let’s be honest, summer can be one big extended holiday/vacation/party. Every event seems to revolve around eating and drinking and it’s easy to justify indulgences for one special occasion after another.

On the flip side – did you know the average person doing one of my 4 week programs at any time of year loses 5-12 pounds and some lose over 20 pounds? And many people go on to lose an additional 10-40 pounds after our programs. To date, our clients have lost about 10,000 lbs in the last 4 years. I know, truly amazing….

In fact, this could happen to you:
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Let me ask you a few questions:

If you had the opportunity to lose weight and inches before before the end of summer, would you take it?

If you could focus on positive daily behaviors that would help you get lean and mean, rather than focusing on deprivation and starvation, would you?

If you could start changing your life now, so that you finish out this summer stronger, more positive and more healthy than ever, would you?

If you could work with the support of an amazing team to hold you accountable and inspire you every single day, ensuring amazing results, would you?

You said YES to all of the above, right?? Great! You are all ready to sign up for our annual Battle of the Bod Squads.

This program is different than any of our other programs. You will work with a team to track behaviors in order to earn points daily.  You will note (through our very simple point system) your exercise, how you ate, how much water you drank, how often you avoided sugar, alcohol and other temptations.  And through this self report you will earn points each day.

You do not have to count calories.  You do not have to follow a restrictive meal plan.  You do not have to starve yourself. You can and WILL still enjoy your summer!

You will earn points for the following:


Veggie consumption

Fruit consumption

Lean Protein Consumption

Water Intake

Sugar Avoidance

Alcohol Avoidance

Weight Loss

You will be working with a team of 2-3 other individuals. These people will help keep you accountable – ensuring you get amazing results. As with all our weight loss programs, there will be a ton of support and guidance – so you will not have to second guess yourself in order to get results.

Summer should be a time for fun and adventure – what better adventure than getting in the best shape of your life with the support of a whole crew of new friends?! I’ve been doing this long enough to confidently say these are the kinds of adventures that change lives.

So, back to program logistics – you and your teammates will be earning points throughout this program. And yes, these points will count. First, a lot of points will ensure great results (a fitter body and looser clothes!) Second, a lot of points will put you in the running for prizes! There will individual and team prizes.

Oh, and you can earn BONUS POINTS for inviting others to join the Battle of the Bod Squads.  So, spread the word and get a jump start for your team! (Bonus points are earned for recruiting new members only.)


  • • Unlimited Boot Camp Classes
    (Choose from 19 Weekly)
  • • Daily Bod Squad Tracker
  • • Sara’s Top 20 Fat Burning Meals
  • • Before/After Weigh Ins
  • • Unlimited Email/Phone Support with Sara
  • • Access to Private Online Support Group
  • • Motivation, Inspiration & Accountability
  • • Results: Stronger, Leaner Body & Mind

The program runs Monday, July 21 to Saturday, August 16.

Kick Off Meeting

MANDATORY Kick Off Meeting on Wednesday, July 16th at 7pm.



This program is valued at over $600. However, your investment in the Battle of the Bod Squads is only $319. Current Boot Campers, your investment is $129.
Please note: this program sold out very quickly last year. I anticipate this program to be similar.

This program is currently SOLD OUT.
Please email Sara to get on the Wait List.

This program is currently SOLD OUT
Please email Sara to get on the Wait List.

"Existing Members" are people who are currently paying monthly to participate in Sync Fitness classes. "Non-members" are people who are not monthly paying Boot Camp members.