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How To Do Breakfast, Better!



Today we’re going to talk about… how to do breakfast better. A lot of people skimp on breakfast because they’re either not hungry in the morning, or they’re just trying to get out the door – breakfast falls through the cracks. What happens when you don’t start your day with protein – and more specifically 20 grams of protein – is that your blood sugar levels and metabolism never really regulate, causing your body to not burn calories the way it should.
By having 20 grams of protein first thing in the morning, you’re setting the stage for having your blood sugar regulated throughout the day. If your blood sugar starts out well regulated throughout the early part of your day, it’s going to impact the food choices you make throughout the day, all day long. So I can’t over emphasize how important it is to have 20 grams of protein first thing in the morning. I know that Mocha and scone are screaming your name—but don’t do it!

Here’s how you can get 20 grams of protein in the morning per serving.

  • 1. Steel cut oats with a half scoop of vanilla protein powder. (I’ve tried it with chocolate, and it’s not my fave.) Stir the powder into your oats. I add a little plain coconut or almond milk too.


  • 2. Plain Greek Yogurt. Add a little bit of honey and/or fruit for sweetener and some nuts (which is bonus protein protein). Choose a low fat or full fat yogurt. My 2% has 22 grams of protein per cup!


  • 3. Eggs! Super easy. You can do hard-boiled eggs, scrambled eggs. I like to do scrambled with black beans (which is more protein) and veggies. 3 eggs are 18 grams of protein.


  • 4. Breakfast meats. I love the Applegate brand. Add to your scramble or just gobble them down on their own.


  • 5. Who’s to say you can’t have steak or chicken! Have dinner leftovers for breakfast.


So there you have it! Some of the best ways to get your day started with 20 grams of protein. What are you eating in the morning to kick start your day?

Finding & Fighting the Roadblocks to Success

For almost all of us, we fight various battles on varying levels with pursuing a healthy lifestyle of good weight management and choices that promote long term health.  Weight management seems to be one of the top struggles for many.

Sometimes the old lies and tapes in our heads can be the biggest roadblocks and identifying them is 90% of the battle.  Know your enemy! Here are just a few of those roadblocks and ideas to tear them down.


Keep a food diary to identify your patterns of not only what you eat during the day, but the times of day you’re your resistance is at its lowest.

Going it on your own is a sure way to keep yourself back.  Find a walking/workout partner and share your goals and struggles so that you keep each other encouraged, accountable and on track.

Learn to have healthy snack options on hand such as nuts, boiled eggs, string cheese, KIND Bars and other sources of protein and complex carbs to battle the less healthy choices you historically fall back on.

Portion control can allow you some of the more tasty options so you are not in total deprivation mode (which can lead to binges), yet keep things manageable and in perspective.

Drinking a tall glass of water does wonders to not only battle an immediate craving, but is so critical in metabolism boosting.


  • Nutritional/body function roadblocks: 

Poor digestion which deprives your cells of getting the right nutrients needed to metabolize and release fat for better assimilation of your food.  Take a digestive enzyme and/or probiotics (with your doc’s permission) with your food to help improve breakdown and nutrient absorption, helping your cells to feel full and reduce the cravings so you get to those goals faster

Imbalanced hormones cause your body to hold onto more fat and retain fluid. This floods your fat cells with the wrong message. Chronic stress depletes the body of needed ingredients to make and maintain cortisol which is the body’s stress hormone.  Progesterone is a key hormone in weight loss as well .  Get to your doctor for a hormone check and consider options to get back in balance.

A liver detox helps to decrease toxins and allow improved nutrient absorptions. Dietary changes can eliminate most of the toxic foods as well cleanse your liver.


  • Mental roadblocks can really be debilitating in weight loss.

Learn to identify where you make disparaging remarks about yourself and your body.  Are you on the negative track? Ask those closest to you help you point out where they hear that in your life.  Set some new tapes to replay and get on a better track.

I recently saw a man in the store who was almost morbidly obese and wearing a t shirt that said “Here’s Blubber”.

Focusing too much on numbers on the scale.  Ignore that scale and focus instead on how your body feels, how your clothes fit.  As you get into better conditioning and build muscle/lose fat, you will likely notice a more significant change in your size and how your clothes fit than a change on the scale. Remind yourself that getting stronger by building lean muscle is one of the best ways to lose fat.

Stress in your life drags your spirit down and decreases motivation.  Identify the stressors and put a plan in place to battle it.  Leave work at a more reasonable hour, get an exercise partner, take up an activity that leave you feeling lighter, stress free.


So, remember, identifying the roadblocks to your success is 90% of the battle. Learn yours and you are well on your way to victory over your roadblocks.





The Best Ingredients for a Rockin’ Boot camp

At Sync Fitness, we know that when you arrive you’re ready to get down and sweaty, and work your booty to see results and challenge yourself without having to impress anyone. Your Sync Fitness trainers know that all of us are in different places on our fitness journey. Regardless of where your fitness stands today, we will give you the challenging workouts you need for the best caloric burn, helping you to build lean muscle mass and stimulate your metabolism for 24-48 hours after every class. Our boot camp is just the ticket for you to work with Seattle’s best trainers, with some rockin’ music to keep you energized and moving, and the encouragement needed to get you to the finish line with your fitness goals.

Screen Shot 2014-03-24 at 5.19.17 PMHere are the top ingredients included in our fabulous boot camps:

  • Knowledgeable trainers to help with your form and efficient movements to build a strong and safe core.
  • Intervals and full body movements mixed to boost your metabolism for optimum fat loss and building lean muscle (HIIT workouts).
  • Strength building with weights and other tools/toys as well as the coaching to use them efficiently and safely for optimum muscle building.
  • Stretches and core work to keep your muscles loose and injury free.
  • A great group atmosphere of encouragement and team spirit to keep you going and even make some new friends.
  • Time-efficient workouts that not only are more interesting than endless hours of steady state cardio, but yield real results in shorter time than hours on machines could ever do.
  • A metabolic boost that carries you through your day and through the night, while you’re sleeping.
  • Reduced belly fat in just a few short weeks, as well as leaner, meaner muscles you never knew you had!
  • Creative workout sessions that change up to keep your muscle groups challenged so you don’t plateau, and interesting exercises to help you get the results you are working for.
  • Fun workouts that not only fire you up during them, but keep you feeling strong, challenged, and energized throughout your day…and coming back for MORE!

So c’mon and join us at Sync Fitness boot camps and get your booty in shape for the life you deserve. Warning: you may get in the best shape of your life.

The Beauty of Bootcamp: 3 Reasons Why You Should Sign Up

Bootcamps were trending as the most popular fitness groups a couple of years ago. While they’re not quite as buzzed-about as they were when they first began gaining momentum, they have stuck as an effective, fun way to get fit.

Why is that, and why should you sign up for a boot camp near you? There are several benefits to the energetic group fitness classes, and I’d like to outline a few of those:

They are fun: Sure, the ‘boot camp’ name was inspired by those insane training camps for military personnel, but fitness bootcamps are not placed to get a screaming session from your trainer. It’s a lot of hard work, but you’re doing it with other people who have similar goals, as well as being friendly and encouraging. Our trainers really care about your fitness and want to help you achieve your aspirations – whether that is a smaller waistline or a faster mile time.

They’re far from lonely: When you’re trapped on a treadmill with the headphones in, you’re not going to push yourself as hard and – let’s face it – you’re lonely. When you work out in a group, you will challenge yourself against the other boot campers, and you’ll naturally want to do better. The interaction in the bootcamp classes helps bring a level of connection to other human beings that you isolate yourself from all day long at work. We make jokes and encourage each other to meet our individual and group goals.

They work: In a matter of just four weeks or so, bootcampers drop significant percentages of body fat, lose 10 pounds or more, and noticeably increase their endurance. You will challenge all areas of your body for a stronger, healthier you. With muscle growth, cardiovascular strengthening, and improved energy, your bootcamp training will make a noticeable difference in your physical and mental wellbeing.


Bootcamps are a beautiful thing for men and women of all shapes, sizes, fitness, and skill levels. If these reasons have given you that extra kick to get healthy or get into shape with a bootcamp, we hope you’ll give Sync Fitness a try! Click here to contact me for more information!

Client Appreciation Dinner

Last Thursday, we had our first Client Appreciation Dinner. After 9.5 years of training, it was about 9 years overdue. . . . It was a great night of salads, food, wine, prizes and awesome company at the Wallingford Tutta Bella. About 30 Sync Fitters were in attendance. Some of them have been working with me since I first started training in Seattle 8.5 years ago. Others are new to Sync Fitness, just starting their journey of growth and transformation. What a fun bunch! Here are some pics

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Spring 2012 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program

My 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program has become the creme dela creme weight loss program in Seattle. Not only is it the most comprehensive weight loss program in Seattle, providing exercise, nutrition and emotional & educational support, it brings my clients the results they are looking for in a very short amount of time. There is no other program like this in Seattle.

Let me show you the numbers:

30 people . . . . 210 pounds GONE . . . . 74 inches of belly fat GONE. . . . INCREDIBLE!

That’s an average of 8 pounds and 2.75 inches of belly fat per person. Awesome, huh?!

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Pull Up Fun!

My client Mike recently challenged me to a pull up competition. If you know me very well, you know I’m a bit competitive. Interestingly, Mike thought maybe I would let him win. Ummmm, not a chance.

Before you press play, I should give you some background. Mike is in his 60’s, but played high school and college football. this has kept him exceptionally young at heart, I believe. On more than one occassion he has brought in Sports Illustrated articles about the recent NFL workouts and wanted me to model his workouts after theirs. Additionally, we regularly argue about how much weight he is allowed to bench press (after he looks at what the most up & coming NFL drafts are pressing and then sets the same goal for himself.)

Mike’s current sweaty passion is climbing mountains – big ones, like Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams and hopefully Mt. Kilimanjaro next year. So we do a lot of lower body conditioning, core conditioning and cardio conditioning. When Mike completes all those tasks, I reward him with Bench Press and Pull Ups.

Mike is a force to be reckoned with. He is still as tough as his 19 year old football persona of a few years past and actually weighs the same… he recently came in to report, “I’m back down to my college playing weight.” Raise your hand if you weigh the same as your most athletic, young adult self??? Yup, I’m pretty sure I don’t see many hands out there….

When Mike mentioned a pull up competition a few weeks ago, I was ready!!! I love to have something to work toward. So last week when Mike’s daughter, Alessandra, came to town (so they could climb Mt. Adams a few days after our big pull up contest), we had our game day. Thank you for taping Ale!!

I definitely had an advantage here, as Mike went first both rounds, so I knew the number I had to beat. Mike has already called for a re-match. SURE THING!!!!

Summer 2011 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program

This Spring I decided to offer a 4 Week Rapid Fat Loss Program to rival my 6 Week Total Body Transformation Program. My goal: deliver the same results (losses of 8-20 pounds and 2-4 inches of belly fat) in 4 week instead of 6. AND, low & behold, the deed was done. Sure, I developed a great program. But, the true credit goes to the participants who listened to every word I had to say and followed my advice to a T. THEY ROCKED IT! Check out this video and then scroll down to see their before and after pics. AMAZING work by these folks! It was an honor to be part of such a powerful program.

Let me show you the numbers:

30 people . . . . 210 pounds GONE . . . . 74 inches of belly fat GONE. . . . INCREDIBLE!

That’s an average of 8 pounds and 2.75 inches of belly fat per person. Awesome, huh?!

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Greenlake Moms Feature

Sync Fitness Boot Camp is being featured on the Greenlake Moms blog today! WooHoo – one month of Boot Camp for $49. That’s 75% off. This deal is for new clients who want to try out class this summer at Gasworks Park. Our summer sweat sessions are the BEST! I cannot wait to get out in the sun.

Grab this deal while you can. It will run until Thursday, June 16th at midnight. See ya at Gasworks!

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PS: Feel free to share this deal with your friends (read: post all over Facebook :)!)

Kid Friendly Breakie

I just posted a list of healthy kid breakfast ideas I came up for my recent appearance at Lawton Elementary Family Fitness Fun Night. You can find it on my main blog here:

Fit Healthy Moms (Healthy Breakfasts for Kids)